Surgery Day!

Well, it’s here! Can’t believe that Neely is finally four months old and today is her surgery day! Wow! Time has flown by.

Here’s our day so far: (forgive the bullet point format)

•the nurse came in about 2am and started IV fluids
•we left our room at 5:30 and were taken to the surgery holding area
•we met the anesthesiologist, Brad and he gave us a run down of what he would be doing with Neely
•we met one of our surgeon’s assistants, Jonathan, he asked if we had questions, and made sure we could recite what kind of surgery Neely was having done 🙂
•our Pastor Dr. Derek and his wife Julie arrived around 6 and stayed with us, and prayed before they took her back
•we talked to our sweet Neely and stole a few hugs and kisses and spent the rest of the time trying to help her find her thumb! She was really hungry right there close to 7:30 when they took her back. Poor thing!
•we went with Derek and Julie to Starbucks and grabbed a bite to eat. I didn’t think I would feel like eating but I was actually pretty hungry! Can’t beat a salted mocha frappuccino and a bagel!
•we came back and checked the patient screen and she had been moved to green which meant she was already in the operating room and surgery had begun.
•for those of you praying specifically with me for the perfusionist, there are actually TWO! Kellan and Joey. Praying that they have keen eyes and ears and are vigilant over our sweet Neely.
•while seeing where to store my milk, I got to take another peek in the CICU and meet today’s charge nurse. Looks like Neely will be in bed 24 she said. I am praying Neely has a large gathering of angels standing watch at bed 24 when she arrives there later today.
•currently I am sitting in a closet….yes a closet…..pumping. It is 4 feet by 5 feet. I’ll have to share a picture soon. At least it doesn’t house any dirty mops or buckets!
•sorry I haven’t responded to texts or Facebook posts. Reception in here is terrible and it is sucking my battery!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers, texts and encouraging words. They mean the world to us.

Until next time,

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