Update 3

Just got to go back and see Neely!!! She looks AMAZING!!!!! Her color is so good!! Her skin is PINK!!!! Not blue and mottled!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!

She looks better than I had prepared myself for! Whew……

There are, as expected, the normal amount of tubes and lines. They did an EKG while we were back there but it has to be looked at by the doctor.

Her breathing tube (on the inside) was a little deeper than they like when they checked it by X-ray, so they are about to pull it out some and reattach it.

A quick note about the surprises they found….there are some anatomical issues with her heart and chest structure. Some of which could possibly be a cause for an additional surgery later on. That will be monitored closely by her cardiologist. Her chest issues changed the normal surgery procedure a bit but is not something that will cause her any future issues.

She also has had some blood pressure issues on the bypass and after the surgery that was not what the surgeon normally encounters so we would definitely appreciate prayers for her to maintain a good consistent blood pressure.

Dr. Dabal seemed very pleased with the outcome and we will stay in the CICU about 48 hours then move to a room.

My focus now is to concentrate on pumping so I can get ahead of Neely. If she wakes up and eats vigorously I don’t want to be behind. 🙂

Looking forward to staring into those beautiful blue eyes!

Until next time,

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