Morning 1 Update

Well we got in to see our sweet girl about 8:30. Our nurse today is Angela and seems to have taken good care of our girl and is very nice.

They said she was a bit gassy and they sat her up (yikes! Can you imagine?!?!) and she burped like a man! People heard her a few beds over! Ha! She still seems to be a little gassy/agitated so they just gave her glycerin to help with that.

Her arterial line in her left hand is gone so at least her hand is free. She is still struggling trying to get to her right thumb. She would like to visit with it very much. šŸ™‚ They were just talking about rearranging things on her right hand that would make it easier for her to suck her thumb.

She was aware that we were there but wasn’t super responsive. Her little wimper is pretty raspy from the ventilator still.

She is still having a tad of drainage from her chest tubes but that is to be expected. The doctor wants them kept in for now.

They said there is no real issue keeping her in the CICU, just the doctors preference at this point. We should know before lunch if we will be moving today onto the floor.

The nurse offered to let me hold her but mommy wasn’t quite ready. She is hooked up to so much and she has always tended to be a little bit of a “hands off” baby so I didn’t want to get her too upset.
Headed back to visit with Neely after pumping.

Until next time,

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