Post Surgery Morning 1

We called this morning at 6:00am to check in Neely. The nurse said she was doing well, had been awake more and that they had removed her arterial line. This made Bryan happy because it was progress on the road out of the CICU. To be honest it makes me a little stressed. I just don’t want to feel like they are rushing her out of the CICU. I CERTAINLY trust our doctors at UAB. I did like though that they could do blood draws from that line instead of poking her yet again.

Sounds like we will be back on the floor today if all continues to go well.

Then I will be able to stay with her 24/7 and pump in our room which will make this momma very happy.

We can’t wait to see our sweet Neely at 8:30! Grabbing a bite to eat at our hotel then headed that way.

God is so good!!! Continuing to give Him praise for our Neely! Thank you for your continued prayers.

We Love You!

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