Update 4

Well it’s a little after 7 and the CICU is closed until 8:30pm for shift change. Right before we left at 6:30pm, Neely was starting to wake up. She was freaking out a bit about the ventilator but the nurses said that was to be expected. She was tossing in the bed and looking very wild eyed. The nurse stood on one side of her and patted her bottom and I stood on the other side and talked to her and stroked her hair and sweet little pink foot. She would calm down and then doze off to sleep and then repeat the whole cycle again after a time of rest.

The nurses said it might be possible that she was off the ventilator when we came back at 8:30 tonight. 🙂 If not then it looks like it will be very soon.

We are so proud of our strong little girl. We know that much of the credit goes to all of you who have been praying without ceasing. We appreciate you more than we can ever tell you.

I am able to stay with Neely but at the urging of my hubby and the suggestion of the surgeon, I will let her rest and go to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep myself.

I am so looking forward to her being awake for just a bit so we can see those beautiful eyes wide awake and alert.

I talked to my mom earlier and our little ones were having a good day. That, in itself, makes my day so much better. Glad they are settled.

Well, I’m off to go pump and then we get to check on our girl and meet her night nurse at 8:30pm.

Yesterday we met a little girl at the hospital named Mackenzie. She is at UAB just waiting on a heart for a transplant. Please remember her in your prayers. She looked to be about Ruby Kate’s age. It just broke our hearts. So thankful the surgeon was able to repair Neely’s heart instead of her waiting on a new one.

Hopefully we’ll have a better signal on our cell phones tomorrow. We eventually get all your texts and messages when we get service. Thank you so much for keeping up with our journey and interceding for us.

Until next time,

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