Day 1 Update

Well, we’ve had a busy day. Neely started to eat and that has come with a few glitches.

Her first bottle today was 40 mL and she did just fine. Her next bottle was 70 mL. She got a little choked up and frustrated and threw up part of that feed. It took her awhile to get settled after that.

At her next feed, they started out with 70 mL though I thought we should have tried less. She took most of it but then got choked up again and spit up a portion of her bottle.

I talked a good bit with her day nurses and they said they would communicate with her nighttime nurse about the feeding issues. When Bryan and I can go back into the CICU at 8:30pm, I plan to talk to her at length about it. It’s worrying me about her feeds while we are away tonight.

I had a bit of frustration this afternoon with the nurse that was covering our nurses’ lunch break. Hopefully my frustration came across while talking to them and they assured me that it would not be an issue again.

This afternoon she started to have a milky substance in her drainage tubes. The nurse thinks that it’s something called Chylothorax. It’s where one of the lymph nodes gets knicked in one of several ways during surgery. Our surgeon stopped by and doesn’t think that is the case.

The attending is also not convinced that it’s Chylothorax but he does want to monitor it.

Our surgeon is also ready to have her moved out of CICU but the attending thinks she needs to stay put at least for tonight. I’m glad that was his decision especially with the drainage issue.

She is having some skin sensitivity to all of the tapes and adhesive. Poor baby. Looks painful but I’m betting it doesn’t bother her too much.

Still praising the Lord in spite of these issues. She is still doing great as she recovers. Our cardiologist came by and and said he normally tells parents that the patient is doing as expected but he said Neely is doing BETTER than expected!! Woohoo!!!

Until next time,

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