Day 2 Update

Ok…sorry again for the bullet points…so easy!

•got in to see her. She looked great and had finally been able to get a hold of her thumb!
•she had a good bath during the night. Now her hair is fluffy again!!
•her skin is still pretty aggravated but it is looking better after using some barrier cream though it is messy!! She even has irritated skin from a tube just TOUCHING her skin!
•we were there when the doctor made rounds and were prepared to exhaust all of our begging skills to try an alternative option.
•the surgeon says her output has relatively low so he wants to try her on just breastmilk for 24 hours and see if her output of chyle decreases.
•he’s thinking if the amount is small, her body may be able to reabsorb it on its own. WOOHOO!!!
•after lunch we came out to the floor and Neely’s settled in sleeping right now.
•she has tolerated some smaller bottles and I even got to nurse her this morning!!!
•looks like one chest tube might come out later today so then she would be down to one….the one that is still draining blood and chyle.

Thanks for your continued prayers! I know they were working this morning….as soon as we talked to the surgeon, the first thing he said was “I want her to breast feed, you want her to breast feed….”. I KNEW I liked Dr. Dabal!!!!

Until next time,

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