Anomalies During Surgery…

I have been waiting to type this post until I could sit down at my computer.  I have been blogging from my phone and this was a lot to type with my thumbs! HA!

Here’s what the doctor said (I got him to write it down for me)…then I’ll try to explain!

one large papillary muscle
one small one

These two muscles are supposed to be the same size.  Because there is a difference in the size, it may cause a problem later.  The cardiologist will keep a close watch on it through the years and it could possibly require another surgery at a later time.

mild-moderate right AV valve regurgitation 

This means there is some leaking in this valve which we do not want.  Dr. Dabal said he is not too concerned because often there is at least a little leaking…again, something Dr. Carlo will have to watch.

no left AV valve regurgitation

No leaking on this side!!!!  Woohoo!!!

abnormal attachments at the left pectoralis muscle 
to the right side of the sternum

You have pectoralis muscles on each side.  They normally do not connect in the middle.  Neely’s left one crosses over to the right side and attaches.  That meant that the surgeon had to cut through muscle as well as bone to open her up.  I asked if this would cause additional healing time and he said no.
She also has a little turn up at the end of her sternum.  Bryan has this as well so the doctor said it was most likely genetic. 🙂
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