Post Surgery Day 3

Sorry this update has taken me so long! Seems between pumping, eating and taking care of Neely, there is not much time!!

Here’s the latest:

•had a good night on the floor last night.
•they took a chest X-ray this morning and it was clear!! Praise the Lord! No chyle buildup in her body from the chylothorax!
•the nurses removed both of her chest tubes, her pacing wires and her IV. The only thing left is the central line in her groin.
•for the most part her skin is clearing up. They have ordered some antibacterial cream to put on the really bad spots.
•Dr. Dabal said that since there was no chyle on her X-ray and her drainage had basically stopped, then Neely could continue on breastmilk!!! He will continue to keep a close watch on it.
•tomorrow we move to the new Children’s hospital! Everyone around here is super excited to move! Can’t wait to see it!
•Neely is eating well…about 80mL a bottle (she was eating about 120-150 at home before surgery). Dr. Dabal is pleased with what she’s eating so no stress there! Woohoo!!
•looks like if she didn’t have the chylothorax we might could have gone home tomorrow but because of that issue it looks like we can plan to at least be here until Monday.

We are praying that there is no chyle buildup (pronounced “kyle”) and that her body is able to reabsorb whatever is still leaking out.

Praying for her skin issues to heal quickly and that she continues to progress with each feed.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers!!

God is so good!!!!

Until next time,

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