Check up at cardiologist today…

Ellie and I took Neely to her first cardiologist appointment post surgery.

Bryan stayed home with Roo (who has a cold) and Ethan.

Ellie and I enjoyed our day out with Neely. We took a walk over to tour the new Children’s, ate a snack there on their beautiful glass patio, hit Toys R Us and had a late lunch at Chuy’s. We ended our day with Ellie’s ballet class.

Neely was such a trooper. I was worried that she might get uncomfortable being out and about for the first time, but she did great!

Here’s what the cardiologist said:

Her valves are now leaking on both sides. A little on left, more on right. (There was regurgitation in one side post surgery). This could correct itself somewhat but could also get worse with time. This is not uncommon with AV Canal surgery. I expressed concern over the symptoms I needed to look for if this worsened. The doctor assured me that they would catch it on an echo long before I started noticing serious symptoms at home.

There is fluid around her heart, known as a pericardial effusion. Don’t google it… me. He wants to see us back in a week to check this effusion.

There was no chyle present from the chylothorax. Woohoo!!! Continued breastfeeding will not be an issue!!

He said to cut her lasix to once a day. Woohoo!!

He was very quick to say that he was not worried and that I should not be worried either. He said no issues to worry about. 🙂

So I think the plan of action is to keep my mind busy until Monday! 🙂

Until next time,

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