Open Letter To Our Church Family & Friends….

Dear Church Family & Friends,

Bryan and I can not even begin to thank each of you for what a blessing you have been to us, not only since Neely’s birth but since we have been at FBC Jacksonville.   We are so thankful that you have fervently prayed with and for us, and prayed us through some of the hardest, most scary times in our lives as parents.

The meals, gift cards, monetary gifts, help with our little ones have been more than we ever deserve.

We are so grateful for you.

Please know that if you have not received a thank you note yet from us, I have a stack of them to finish up beside my chair….seems the bustle of life has out trumped my writing time.

Our Neely Jane is doing GREAT!!!  With her type of heart defect there can often be problems post surgery but Praise The Lord our Neely is having no complications and is doing great!  She is eating well, growing, smiling, cooing and enjoying life!

We know that this is a direct result of your prayers over our little girl and God’s faithfulness.  He is so good isn’t He my friends?

She goes back to the cardiologist the Monday after Thanksgiving and we expect her to be cleared then to go back to her normal activities.

Can we ask for your help?

Since her birth we have avoided taking her into large crowds.  This has meant no church for Mommy and Neely on Sunday mornings and Daddy watching her while Mommy attends Awana on Wednesday nights.  I have felt pretty comfortable taking her to places like ballet and soccer with the kids because we don’t know lots of people so there aren’t as many people wanting to take a peek or asking to hold her.

I long for the day when I can pass her sweet smelling little self around to everyone we know!!  She is so precious and cuddly and I know each of you will fall in love with her just as we have.

But can I tell you something?

I miss worshipping with my church family on Sunday mornings….

I miss not only getting to see all of you and hug your necks,

I miss hearing my Pastor preach the Word…

I miss singing corporately and getting to worship with my husband.

I really want to begin coming to church again on Sunday mornings but I hate the thought of hurting someone’s feelings over not getting to hold or touch our sweet girl.  It is so hard to ask people not to get too close.  I don’t want to sound like one of those crazy germ-o-phobe mommas.  And I know she can just as easily catch something from Bryan bringing it home from work or from the kids or myself.  We just want to do the most we can to limit her exposure.

She is in no way sick or required to live in a bubble…we just want to be on the safe side.  Cold & flu  and RSV season is in full swing.

So if I am able to get past my fear of the crowd at church, please know that I WISH you could hold her, I WISH you could touch her precious little hands…..

But for the time being, we’ll do our best to keep her in her carseat or snuggling with Mommy and Daddy.

Won’t be long before she’ll be running around that beautiful building, hugging each of you as she goes and singing and worshipping herself….

Hoping to see you Sunday,

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