Did You Know?

Can I tell you the truth?

I have dirty dishes out the wazoo….three baskets of clothes that need folding….a bathroom that needs cleaning…..floors that need to be swept and mopped….we haven’t started homeschooling yet…..oh, and the physical therapist will be here in about two hours and I have yet to take a shower….

But this is important.

While trolling Facebook this morning while I nursed, I noticed that today is Newborn Heart Defect Screening Awareness Day.

They have a day for everything now don’t they….I know that’s what you’re thinking…

But this is important.

There is a simple, painless, non-invasive test to screen newborns for heart defects.  And did you know it is not required.  Most likely your little ones never had it.

My oldest three did not have it.

Neely only had it because they suspected she had Down Syndrome and that often is paired with heart defects.

It’s called a pulse oximeter test.

Please tell everyone you know that is pregnant about it.  It could save their child’s life.  I have read so many stories of parents that came home with what they thought were healthy little babies, only to lose them.

One of our nurses at the RNICU at UAB was telling us about this test as well as the test for coarctation.  Amazes that me that tests that are so simple and life saving are not REQUIRED!!!!

If God ever blesses us with another biological child, I will demand a pulse ox test and the coarctation test before we leave the hospital.  No exceptions.

Click HERE to read Cora’s story and learn more about her parents are promoting this awareness day.

Please share with a pregnant Mom today…don’t wait.

Until next time,

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