Adoption Fundraiser!!!!

Friends…local, those in PRATTVILLE, those in ALABAMA, those in the US, those in the UTTERMOST!!!! Can you help?

I’m so excited for my friends Les and Prudence Hill! They are adopting two (possibly three! EEK!) children from the Ukraine in just a few short days!

(Prudence I didn’t think you would mind if I hijacked your photos!!!!) 🙂

When they started the process they knew the road to adoption would be a long journey….most likely over a year or more! But guess what? God has worked FAST! They got the approval to travel after only a few short months!!! Praise the Lord!

That has kicked their fundraising into warp speed to be ready to go! I love that they are trusting God to provide and this fundraiser is an awesome way to help them! Our family just sponsored our puzzles pieces and we challenge you to do the same!

Whether we feel led to adopt or not, God has called us all to help meet the needs of orphans! Helping another family bring their children HOME is a great way for us to obey God’s calling!

So proud and happy for you Les and Prudence Hill! You guys are going to be wonderful parents! Can’t wait to meet your little ones!!!

Click on the picture below to donate!

I can’t wait to share a picture with all of you of their ENTIRE family!!!! 🙂

Until next time,

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