As long as it’s healthy…..

To tell you the truth, I had never really thought about this before…..

Before I had Neely…..

With each of our pregnancies, when people asked me if I wanted a boy or a girl….I always answered that it didn’t matter…..

“As long as it’s healthy.”

So what, do I have to say now?  
Now that I have a baby that has Down syndrome (which some would consider “unhealthy”) AND has a heart defect…..
My answer would be different….
If I had it to do over, and you asked me if I wanted a boy or a girl….
I would say that I would be equally blessed with a boy or a girl….
I would be blessed with a “typical” baby or a baby with Down syndrome….
I would be blessed with a baby with a healthy heart or one with a heart defect….
I would be blessed with the baby that God chose for our family…whatever the circumstances…
Now, when I hear someone say “as long as it’s healthy” it makes me wonder…what if God has a different path chosen for them?
What if their baby is not healthy?
Will they still feel blessed?
Will their dreams for their baby’s life be shattered?
Maybe in the beginning…..
But not for long…..
Before long, they will accept and love their precious little one for who God made them….they will be thankful to have them as a part of their family regardless of their circumstances…they will love them no matter their diagnosis….
Just as we love our little Neely.
We were blessed with Neely from the very beginning…she was an answer to my prayers.  God knit her in my womb and she is EXACTLY the way God intended her to be….
I love every one of her extra 21st chromosomes…
I love her little heart, defect and all…
I love her little scar on her tiny chest…
And you know what else?
I would not trade any one of those things for a “healthy” baby….
Until next time,

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