What’s New with the Parris Family….

Boy, how the days seem to fly by! So many things I want to record here and time just gets away from me!

We have been busy, busy, busy!  Each week, we hang on for dear life to make it Monday through Wednesday and then our schedule lightens up for Thursday through Sunday! Oh, how I look forward to Thursdays!

I wouldn’t trade all of our appointments and commitments for the world but I tell myself each week to HANG IN THERE…Thursday is coming! Ha!

Our homeschooling year has not shaped up like I thought it would before Neely’s birth.  Surprise, surprise, huh?  God often has very different plans for us.  We have found that the curriculum that we have loved was not going to cut it so we switched!  Yes…in March.  You can do that when you homeschool!  Something isn’t working?  Make a change!  One of the MANY things I love about homeschooling!  Now Ellie is excited to do school each day!  I have my eager little girl back instead of the one who was dreading schoolwork each day!

Ethan is easing into school slowly.  Some days he jumps right in and wants to work, work, work and some days he would rather play.  Within reason, I let him dictate our schedule knowing that he will have a bit more structure to his first grade year.  Our whole goal is to instill a love of learning that will stay with our children.  Allowing Ethan to get his feet wet a little while he is still so young will set him up for great homeschooling success!

The big girls are still LOVING ballet of course!  They can not wait to go each week and I think they would go five days a week if that were possible.  I love that Ellie already has far more grace and poise at 8 than I had at 38!  We are excited for their upcoming production of “The Glass Slipper” in June!  Ellie has three parts for her three different classes and Ruby Kate will be a little pink mouse!  She is ECSTATIC!!

Ellie still continues to love her weekly piano lessons with Miss Betty Jo!  She really does a great job considering that we seem to keep a busy schedule that interferes with practicing! HA! I love it when I am busy washing dishes and I hear the sound of her playing….just beautiful!

Our Neely Jane is a busy little girl!  She has two to three therapy sessions a week, depending on the week.  One day a week, she sees an outpatient PT and has been doing great!  She gets a little persnickety at times if it doesn’t line up just right with her feeding/sleeping times but we are so proud of all her hard work.

One day a week she also goes to The Bell Center in Birmingham for therapy.  She rotates between an ST, OT, PT and a special education teacher.  Who knew that therapy even existed for babies this little!  I am so thankful for all of our friends and family that help us by babysitting the older kids while Neely and I go to therapy.  We could not do it without their help!  She is learning so much here and working hard.  The Bell Center amazes me with all they do for our little ones!

Neely also has a PT come to our house every other week to work with her and show Mommy some exercises and things we can work on with her throughout the month.  Mrs. Susan sure does love our Neely and we are grateful that she comes to work with us even when we are still in our pjs and have a messy kitchen!

Neely’s last appointment at the cardiologist went GREAT!!  He says her repair is IDEAL and we are not scheduled for another appointment until MAY!  We had her thyroid levels checked and they were great….we had her hearing checked at a pediatric ENT and all was well!  She has an eye appointment in a few short weeks.

So grateful! God is so good and He continues to prove to us over and over how faithful He is and how much He loves our Neely…even more than we can imagine.

Our family is excited to be planning a family vacation for later this year and MAYBE even a road trip to Texas in the coming months!  I’ve always wanted to go to the Alamo and it might be possible on this trip!  Hope it all works out.

Mommy is hoping with spring weather will come the start and end of many honey-do projects around our house.  Daddy might not be too keen on ALL I’d like to do, but hoping to convince him! 🙂

Planning is in the beginning stages for Neely’s upcoming first birthday party!  I really do want to NOT be one of those overboard mommas when it comes to planning parties but with all this little girl has survived and accomplished this past year, WE ARE THROWING A PARRRRRTTTYYYYY!!!  Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 2nd around lunch-ish!  Everyone’s invited!

With all that is going on in our lives, I feel God is trying to teach me to trust Him more and more.  At times, I want to do things in my own strength…but I am reminded that He cares about not only the BIG things in my life but the smallest decisions too.

He cares what homeschooling curriculum we choose, He cares about the things that worry this momma, He cares about decisions we are facing…He cares about each and every part of our lives.

Until next time,

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