Are You Brave Enough? + A GIVEAWAY!!!

I sure do enjoy our Thursday night book study group.

We chat, dive into a painless, good book….casually read through our chapters and discuss and life goes on….

Sometimes it changes us….

Most often we say, “that was a good book” and we store it away on our bookshelf….

I want to read a book that challenges me….a book that makes me feel uncomfortable…a book that calls me to action…

What about you?

Are you brave enough to jump in with both feet and read something that is not tied up with a neat little bow…?

Are you brave enough to read a book that’s mere subject matter might make you uncomfortable and talk about the things we don’t like to think about in our neat little suburban lives…?

I am…

I am ready…

I want God to speak to me about things I know nothing about…

I want God to open my eyes to the plight of the orphan and show me what MAKES an orphan…

I want God to show me what I can do…what my family can do…what my church can do…

How about you?

Local ladies, join me on April 4th, at Word 2 The Mother, as we dive into “Orphan Justice: How to Care for Orphans Beyond Adopting”.

Wondering what this book is even about?

Click below to view the trailer.

I know what you’re thinking…..”Orphan Justice”? 

Maybe you’re thinking….we don’t feel called to adopt….I don’t need to read this book…

Maybe you’re thinking….I think God is calling us to adopt but I’m just not sure….

Maybe you’re thinking….how ELSE can I help?

I LOVE that this book offers tangible things that we can do, to whatever degree we feel called, to help orphans.

Regardless of how we feel about adoption, God has called ALL OF US to care for orphans.

Join us to find out what we can do beyond adopting….

God has a word for you through this book and I can’t wait to jump in with each of you!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!!

Leave a comment below, any ole’ comment (be sure if you are reading this on Facebook, that you click over to the blog to comment) and you’ll be entered to win one of THREE copies we’ll be giving away on Friday, March 29th!

Please feel free to share you friends!  

And local ladies, I’ll see you April 4th!

Until next time,

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