Big News!

Well, things around here sure have been exciting!  I can hardly keep up….

To start, my sweet hubby Bryan is retiring from the National Guard!  Unbelievable!  I’ll share more soon about how God has worked in our life through that!  He is going back to school to get his masters and wants to teach at the collegiate level.  One of his favorite parts of his job has always been the times he is able to teach and mentor soldiers.  What a blessing for him to retire from a career that he loved and then start fresh with something new that he equally loves!

My honey-do list is growing for him until he starts school this fall!

On to our bigger news!  In the coming weeks, I’ll be able to share all of the details about the amazing way God has moved in our family…for now I’ll share the quick, allowable version!

God has placed a precious, little girl 
with Down syndrome 
in our path that is looking for a forever family!

We knew before Neely was ever born, that God was calling us to adopt a child with Down syndrome.  Once Neely was born, I wondered if maybe God just put that desire on our hearts to prepare us for her birth.

Maybe he never intended for us to adopt….

I’ve just continued to pray that God would make it clear to us.  Did He want us to adopt or maybe just help others in their process?

God began to reveal His plan to us for adoption but the fact that Bryan was retiring obviously makes the plan to adopt an almost impossible one.

Adoption, no matter how you sugarcoat it, is expensive…

I just assumed we would work hard with Neely on her therapies, let Bryan get through school and then we would start the process to adopt.

God has proven over and over again that He has WAY better plans than I could ever dream up!

Once we contacted our agency about our sweet girl, we were very upfront with them about what was about to happen with Bryan’s retirement.  She agreed that it might not be possible but we would give it our best shot.

She reached out to a contact in our little one’s country, told them our story and we waited on pins and needles to see if they thought we could even proceed.

After providing some additional info to her contact, we prayed over the weekend that God was going to move in a STRONG and MIGHTY way…..

This morning we got the phone call that we were waiting for…

She asked if we were prepared to be “blown away”….

She followed by explaining that her contact said to move forward with our plans and to move QUICKLY!!

To be clear, we still have to get the official pre-approval.  We sent off the needed paperwork TODAY, along with our first of many fees and all of that will be entered in the system and be reviewed by our country and then, God willing, APPROVED within 2 to 3 days after they review it!

We promised to be the fastest clients she had ever dealt with, at least with things from our end!

Now we need to get our mind wrapped around fundraising and preparing our home for a home study and all the details and paperwork!

We thank you for your prayers for our family and would covet your continued prayers for things to move quickly!  And for us to be able to keep up!

Would you pray with us that our country really sees our heart for our sweet girl and is willing to step out and make her part of the Parris family?  We are trusting God to show out BIG!!

God is so good!  And MIGHTY!!!!

Until next time,

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