100 Envelopes to Bring MinLan Home!

MinLan Matters

100 Envelopes to Bring MinLan Home

Thanks so much for checking out our 100 Envelopes Fundraiser!

We have 100 envelopes numbered one to one hundred.

We are asking for friends, family, complete strangers, anyone, to sponsor an envelope or MORE than one if you like!

When you sponsor an envelope, you are volunteering to fill the envelope with the number of dollars corresponding to your envelope number.  So if you have envelope number 7, you commit to fill it with 7 dollars and send it back to us. If you have envelope 21, you commit to fill it with 21 dollars and send it back to us.

Keep in mind that you do not have to come up with the money all by yourself.  You are committing to raising that amount of money.  You could ask your friends and family for help, you could have a yard sale, sell baked goods…whatever!  The more creative the better!  Maybe your small group at church would be willing to sponsor an envelope, maybe a group of people from your office!  The possibilities are endless.

You could choose envelope 21 because you have a precious sweetie with an extra 21st chromosome!  😉

You could choose envelope 40 because you are celebrating your 40th birthday this year and to celebrate you’d like to ask friends to make a donation to help bring MinLan home!

Once you sign up here for your specific envelope or envelopes, we’ll mail them out to you in a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  When you fill your envelope, you’ll mail it back!  It’s that easy! 

Our fundraiser goal date is December 8th That’s 7 months from the date we received pre-approval to adopt our sweet girl HOME!

If all the envelopes are filled and returned, this will raise a little over $5000!!!!  This will almost cover the entire cost of our required orphanage donation.  What a blessing!!!

Thank you in advance for helping us with our fundraising efforts and for helping us spread the word about our “100 Envelopes to Bring MinLan Home”!!!  We are so blessed by all of you and are so thankful!

CLICK HERE to sponsor your envelope!

Follow our journey at www.minlanmatters.blogspot.com

Until next time,

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