Young Living Essential Oils

I am so thankful to have recently been introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by my friend Beth!

Bryan and I have used Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) for lots of things for many years and have never been disappointed!  I am excited to branch out and learn more about how these therapeutic grade essential oils can benefit and heal our family.

My kit arrives on Monday and I can not wait!!!  I’ll be watching out the window for the Fedex truck!  It’s bringing my kit AND even better, it is bringing our dossier documents from the Chinese consulate in Houston! WOOHOOOO!! Monday is shaping up to be a great day!

I know many of you have been interested, like myself, in learning more about these essential oils.  Beth offered me a set of samples that she put together when I was first interested.  I think this is a great way to try them out with out purchasing a full kit.  While I wait on my sample kit to arrive from Beth, I did lots of reading and lots of question asking.  When my sample set arrived, I was ready to give them a try!

If you are interested in trying one of the sample set that I am putting together, just leave me a comment here or send me a quick email to or text me at 256-452-5082.  I can’t wait to get them into your hands because I know you’ll love them as much as I do!


Each set is only $18 and includes 3 samples each (one or two uses) of the most popular oils.

Read below to learn more about how each of these oils can benefit your family.




Peace & Calming


Look forward to taking this journey with you to help our families in a more natural, healthy way!


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