Are You Living in CHAOS?

I am……sigh…..

I feel like I need three weeks of alone time to get my house like I want it. Is that going to happen?
I have decided the problem is that I work better with a team….a big team… a staff of employees. Man, am I a great delegator. Ha! 
Sometimes I long for the days when I had employees who could help me get everything accomplished.
But since that is dreaming big, I figure I need to make it happen on my own. 
Every time I feel overwhelmed, I drag out my copy of the Flylady’s book “Sink Reflections”.

I love how she shares about having CHAOS……”Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”. Boy can I relate.  If you could only see my house right now….
I love her saying that “you can’t organize clutter”! 
Boy, do we have some clutter!!! Time to load up some boxes for Center of Hope!
Ok, so in honor of my re-reading of the Flylady book for the umpteenth time……I’m giving away a copy this FRIDAY!!!! Either a paperback or digital copy…your choice!
So to enter, leave a comment on the BLOG below this post (not on Facebook) about what area in your house you MOST need to get a handle on.  What area has gotten out of control?
Your kitchen, maybe your bedroom, your kids’ playroom? 
I’ll be back on Friday to share a few tips from the Flylady and to announce our winner!
Off to declutter,

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