On The Hunt……

WOW!  This past year has been crazy, amazing, busy, tiring….lots of things all rolled into one!

Last May, Bryan retired from the Alabama Army National Guard.

Our plan was for him to go back to school….get his MBA…then he really wanted to teach in the business school at Jacksonville State University.

We prayed and felt as though God was truly leading us down this path.

It made so much sense….

Being a student would help our family so much….

All of Bryan’s classs would be online, he would be able to help with therapy appointments, doctor’s visits, shuttling the kids to ballet and soccer…adoption related things…..

This past year with him home has been a blessing…we joke about wishing someone would just pay him to be a stay-at-home dad…maybe grow some pumpkins….bush hog everyday…. 😉

Bryan decided after a semester of school that it would be best to take off the semester when I was traveling to get MinLan….after that….he didn’t feel led to go back.

It’s hard when your work experience rises above what an additional degree would actually benefit you.

We began to learn a little bit more about the opportunities available to him at the collegiate level and became discouraged.

It had all seemed like a perfect plan….

And here we are.

Time to start the search for Bryan’s new career…

He has heard of some local opportunities that may become available….one especially that would be perfect for him…a job he would really love….but still we wait…

It’s hard to start over…when you are young, you just want to make money, move up the career “ladder”…..

When you are our age, you begin to understand the importance of making a difference in the work that you do….and the importance of not letting work overshadow your family…God first, then family, then work…definitely not how the world sees things…

Would you pray for us?  

Would you share with us any opportunities that you hear of?

My heart is trying so hard to trust in the plan that God has for Bryan…for us…but can I tell you that it is hard?  Doubt creeps in…the devil gets his foot in the door and wreacks havoc….

Pray that we are able to hear God’s voice…pray that we are able to make the right decisions….pray that God makes the path before us clear….


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