Twenty Things You Might Not Know

Life has been so crazy here…I thought you might be missing out on all we have going on and would like to catch up!  I wish I could sit down with each of you and just have a cup of coffee at Java Jolt….

Here’s my next best solution….


  1. MinLan and Neely just started back at The Bell Center!  Can I say how blessed we are to have it in Birmingham? They have had two classes and did great both times! We are looking forward to a great year!
  2. We are in our second week of homeschooling….Ellie is in 4th grade…Ethan is in 2nd grade …and Ruby Kate started kindergarten.  We are still working out some of the kinks in regards to scheduling but we are getting there.
  3. Awana has started back! A busy time for mommy but praying God blesses the mess out of our ministry this year! Pray for us to be able to reach many clubbers with the Gospel!
  4. Our family is excited to attend the Buddy Walk in Birmingham this year (October 19th) to celebrate and create awareness for Down syndrome.  Would love for you to purchase one of our shirts to help us raise money for Down syndrome awareness! Click here to purchase:
  5. Ellie is super excited about her Jamberry nail business!  She is using ALL of the money she earns to pay her ballet tuition at the Downtown Dance Conservatory in Gadsden.  Check out her website here to shop:
  6. I have all of the ingredients on the way to make our salve!  They will be in an eight ounce tin with a turn top lid. My first run will be 24 jars and they are $16.00 each. Twelve of them are already spoken for! Let me know if I can add you to the list. I can ship when the weather is cooler but this batch would probably be best for local folks! Check it out HERE.
  7. I’m excited to have my hands on the new 100 Days of Real Food book!!!  Can’t wait to finish reading it!!
  8. I am STILL trying to read the new Mortal Instruments book that came out in the spring….sigh…..I am about 60% finished…..Don’t spoil it for me! I’m almost done!
  9. Bryan is still at home with us and I am so thankful…I don’t think I could have made it through this last year without all of his help.  He has been looking for a new career path and job but right now we are still waiting.  I won’t lie and tell you that it is not scary.  It is very scary for me.  It is hard to depend on the Lord for me when it comes to this job search. Bryan has great faith that God is going to provide something perfect that still honors his commitment to be present with our family.  Would you continue to pray for us?
  10. Our small group on Sundays is starting an AWESOME study this Sunday at 9:15am at FBC.  JOIN US!! It’s called “Raising Girls and Boys” and you do NOT want to miss this parents and grandparents!!
  11. We are in the process of trying to clear out the clutter…where does all of this stuff come from?  We started a FB group to sell some things we are pulling if you want to check it out at Parris Books & More.
  12. I recently bought a couple of Norwex cloths.  Have you ever heard of them?  LOVE them!  I am always interested in continuing to reduce the chemical use in our house.  I am super impressed with these cloths and the company.  I am looking into the business opportunity with them. 
  13. I miss cloth diapering.  When MinLan got home, we used Earth’s Best disposables exclusively. I just did not feel like I could handle cloth diapering. But now I really miss it.  I love that they save me money, are better for my babies.  But now they have outgrown most of my diaper stash.  Saving up to be able to restock and get back to cloth.
  14. Ellie’s ballet studio is performing their inaugural Nutcracker on Black Friday!!  She is so excited to participate!!  We are working on fundraiser ideas to help pay for the cost of her costume rentals.  We’ll keep you updated! She is toying with the idea of making bracelets to sell!
  15. Can I just tell you that Ellie is the most amazing child?  She is always so helpful to me and almost always does so with a smile on her face.  She could run circles around some mommas!! We have planned a fun day out for just the two of us on September 12th.  She is super excited to do something and I am excited to treat her to some quiet mommy time and a treat!
  16. Neely, Ethan, Ruby Kate and Daddy have all celebrated quiet birthdays at home this year.  Looking forward to celebrating as Ellie turns TEN and Mommy turns 41. I am MOST excited that MinLan will turn THREE in January and we will be throwing her FIRST EVER birthday bash!!!  Mark your calendars!!
  17. Ellie made her first ever peach cobbler…it was awesome!  She was so proud of herself!
  18. I’m looking forward to my Pampered Chef party in October!  I have broken several pieces of my stoneware because of my crazy, old oven.  Hoping to replace them!  Do you love Pampered Chef?  I’d love to invite you!!
  19. I have been in a bit of a funk lately.  Feeling like my friends have gone away.  I am thankful for those friends who have hung in there with me through my crazy life and are willing to make time for me.  Friendship looks different for me now but it is still very much needed.
  20. Our life has changed so much in the last year since our family has begun using essential oils.  Not only has it changed the way we treat our family when sickness comes around but it has given us an awesome opportunity to share them with others.  I knew when I heard about them from my friend Beth that I wanted to have these oils for our family. Now I am blessed to share these oils as a Distributor.  I love that I get to help my friends find solutions with oils that will help their little ones and families.  God has blessed us with an income in this season of our life that is blessing us tremendously….allowing us to work towards Bryan having more freedom in his job search. Thank you Lord!  I am here to help anytime you need me.  I can help you get started and also love that I can be a resource and help guide you on the same journey we have taken.
Thanks for hanging in through all twenty!!!


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