Cloth Diapering

Interested in cloth diapering? Don’t know where to start?

My first purchase, I wanted something really close to actual Pampers.  That way I thought it would be easier and I would actually DO it!

First, I bought Fuzzi Bunz.  They are precious, super easy but not cheap.  I bought a starter set that had twelve in it.  I figured that would get me through a day and a half so that I could do laundry the next morning.  
Here’s what I bought first…a set of twelve “perfect fit” Fuzzi Bunz.  The perfect fit come in different sizes based on your baby’s weight.  They also make a one size that supposedly you can use the entire time they are in diapers.  To me they seem too bulky for a newborn though.  
I bought them from Kelly’s Closet which was a great resource for me in the beginning.  I don’t believe they sell Fuzzi Buns anymore like the ones I bought. 
Click here to see the ones I used to start out. If you could get your hands on some, they were a great starting point!
I also bought a diaper pail liner (I just used a trash can with lid).  There are lots of great options out there. I love the one I started with that had a zipper in the bottom.  So helpful when it came to laundry!!
I also wish I had bought two, so that when I’m washing one I still have another to put diapers in!  
I also bought a “wetbag” for our diaper bag so we could put dirty diapers in when we were out in public or at church.  I got mine on Etsy.  
Do you ever shop on there?  Lord have mercy, if you haven’t…it might be best not to even start looking!  There is so much adorable stuff especially for babies!
Here’s the shop where I got mine from: (I bought a medium and think it’s a great diaper bag size!)
Ok…after I “mastered” the Fuzzi Bunz then I thought I could move on to a more traditional cloth diaper.  You know like my mom used!  Then I stumbled upon Green Mountain diapers.  If I had found them first, I might never have used the Fuzzi Bunz.  Not because I don’t like them, I do, but on Green Mountain Diapers they stress how important it is to use natural fibers…like cotton.  
I never really thought about the Fuzzi Bunz being a synthetic material.  I learned so much from their website!  It’s a Mom and dad and I believe they run the business from home.  They are super knowledgeable…just sit down with a cup of decaf coffee and read away!  Their website is not all beautiful and fancy schmancy like the others but they KNOW their stuff! Any who….here’s what I got from them and LOVE!
Really inexpensive!  You have to use a cover with these.  These are basically what our moms used. Instead of using pins, I just fold these in thirds, lay it in the diaper cover and off we go!  Way easy!

Be sure to scroll down to see all the super cute designs!!
Now that I have COMPLETELY overwhelmed you, here are couple of parting things….
When trying out a new diaper, I like to order one or two and see if I really like them.  Each brand fits a baby differently.  I have even bought some off of Etsy made by stay at home moms!
When you purchase your diapers, you must wash and dry them several times so that they will be absorbent.  Don’t ask me how I know this…  (Like four to six times…)
They are SO easy to clean…don’t be afraid!  When it’s a breast fed baby here’s how you wash:
  1. one cycle in cold water with NO detergent
  2. one cycle in HOT water with just a LITTLE detergent, like a quarter of what you normally use (we make our own detergent and even that works well and just takes a little)
  3. one extra rinse…makes sure all the detergent is out
If you are formula feeding or when baby starts eating solids you’ll need some way to clean the poop off into the potty. I used diaper liners at first but quickly realized I needed something more.
That’s when I got the awesome Potty Pail and sprayer.  They ROCKS!
Seems expensive but worth EVERY PENNY!  Would be great for someone to get you as a gift.  Remember our moms had to do the whole “dunk and flush” in the toilet…YUCK!  For me the sprayer is a MUST have and the potty pail is just a nice extra if you have room for it.
Please feel free to comment below with any questions or shoot me an email at jmparris {at} cableone {dot} net. I would love to help!!!


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