Facebook can be a terrible place sometimes, you know?
People are misunderstood…people post things they would never say in real life…
Am I guilty of those things too?  Sure I am. We all are.

Seems like lately Facebook has really hurt…used to be a pretty happy place.

Lately, I feel like I look at it on the defensive….

“Friends” that unfriended me…

“Friends” that didn’t invite my little girls for a playdate…

“Friends” that pass judgement on every singe thing that I post…geesh…

I can’t keep everyone happy, including myself.  But you know what? I don’t have to.  My job is not to keep everyone happy. So I think I shall take a weeklong Facebook break.  Clear my head…come back…hide a few toxic friends….unfollow a few more….

I love keeping up with your lives. I love sharing what’s going on in ours. But I’ve missed my blog too. I can write…not many people read…no one comments….I can get out what I am thinking without people boldly condemning.

So goodbye for now Facebook….I’ll be back.

Hello blog….I’ve missed you.


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