Just Call Me Mrs. Complainer…..

I am missing the easiness of posting on Facebook….but love the huge expanse of page that I have here…

I feel like I can write WHATEVER….

So I shall.

Just so you know….the following does not constitute complaining….to my Facebook “friend” that seems to think I dwell on complaints…here’s one for you:

I despise friends that judge other friends.  

There you go….my complaint for the day. What’s yours? 😉

As usual we have lots going on (again #notacomplaint)… here’s my quick attempt to catch you up and fill you in…and just as much a list for myself!


Did you know? You didn’t?



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Moving on….

Bryan is in the process of meeting with a local company about a job! Prayers much appreciated for wisdom and peace from the Lord that this is the right decision for our family.

Man oh man, have I enjoyed having him home this past year…

Ladies, if you could just have your hubby retire for a year or so, while you still have small children at home…talk about a blessing!  It has been amazing…we have struggled…had friends come alongside us and help more than they will ever know…especially right here at the end…but every minute of doubt I have had has been blessed exponentially by the Lord.  He has been so faithful to us.  

Even when I have been panicking…Bryan has been the voice of reason…God has helped focus our priorities…God has helped Bryan see life through the eyes of a stay-at-home parent…life changing….

Alrighty then…off to go fold clothes and scrape up some lunch…the natives are getting restless…


“A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17

Even when you are at your worst…

Even if you disagree…

Even if your lives go in different directions..

A friend LOVES



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