Random Thoughts….

Where to begin….how much time do you have?

To start with, I am SICK!!! Ugghhhh…..

How did I, the oil loving lady, get sick you ask?

Let me tell you a story…..

Chapter one……Before oils, every year, three or four times a year, my allergies got so bad, I ended up with sinus issues usually ending in bronchitis. EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

When I got my oil kit, I knew one of the top things I wanted to address were my allergies.

Can I tell you this legally? Heck, I don’t even know, but here goes…

I started taking a capsule with Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint everyday.

I have had NO allergy issues since. The occasional stuffiness if things outside were really bad…on those days I took two capsules. One in the morning and one late afternoon.

No sinus infections.

No bronchitis.

Chapter two….after we got home with MinLan from China, I started using Plexus. I had read about the great success my friend Yvette was having for weight loss and just improved health and wellness in general. I signed up with Plexus as an Ambassador and have taken it everyday…just a little packet I add to water each morning and a capsule that I take afterward. The first six weeks I lost around ten pounds, had sooooooo much more energy…and for this BUSY momma that is AWESOME. Over the last few years, I had really begun to feel run down…aching in places I didn’t know existed, “stove up” when I would sit for a while watching tv…just felt like I was getting old…but not since Plexus.

Chapter three… A few weeks ago, I let myself run out of Plexus…I went without it for a week and a half. Then in the middle of that, I skipped my oil capsule for TWO DAYS. That’s it, two days without taking my oils….just got busy and forgot…really did not think it would be that big of a deal.

Then it began….I was starting to feel the soreness that I had not missed one bit! I felt like an old lady. My energy was waning, I felt exhausted each day. Then the sinus issues started…draining down my throat, then the cough began and the aches all over…low grade fever occasionally. I think I now have bronchitis.


So here I sit at the doctor’s office. First, I need an actual diagnosis. Then I want to see what he suggests. My guess is a list of three or four prescription meds. That’s what it used to be when I visited. Our goal as a family is to treat each issue as naturally as possible. I love that we have our oils to turn to. But we have always said we are not opposed to modern medicine. Will I need them this time? Not sure. I’ll wait to see what he says and we’ll make some decisions.

Got some more time? Read on!

Want to hear another WIN WIN about my Plexus? I am soooooo not a clothes shopping fan. I hate to do it and as long as I have something decent to put on my body, I’m good. I don’t needs lots of fancy clothes but I DO want a good pair of blue jeans. I will wear a pair to death. Well, that and a few good pair of yoga pants…

So the other day, Ellie and I dropped the kids off at therapy and headed to the store to pick up a pair of jeans for mom. Keep in mind that over a year ago, I had a pair of size 20 jeans…I managed to get myself into a size 18 at some point and it felt like I won the lottery.

So when we went to pick out a few pair to try on, I grabbed an 18 and a size 16. I decided to be brave and start with the 16. They fit! I didn’t even try the 18. I was having what felt like a fat day, that day…ladies you know what I mean….so I was thankful to get into the 16.

So after coming home and actually wearing the jeans, I am constantly pulling them up. I’m beginning to think that if I tried on a pair today, I might could try on a 14. WHAT?!?!??

My greatest desire with clothing is to be COMFORTABLE!!! But you better believe that if I could get my rear end into a 14 today, I would buy it!!! I think I might love the loss of INCHES even more than a number on the scale.

Want to hear another interesting story?

I had to update my records at the doctor. We do not currently have insurance, so I had to have that discussion with the receptionist. She noted that I had not been in their office in over a year. I told her that I usually came to get help with sinus, bronchitis issues related to my allergies. I told her that for the last year I had been using essential oils everyday and that I haven’t been to see them because I haven’t been sick! She asked several questions because her son suffers from bad allergies. How cool is it that I got to share about essential oils at the DOCTOR’S OFFICE!!! On a side note, the nurse had to update my hair color on my chart! Ha! #grayandnotgoingback

Last thought for the day….busy mommas, how often do you pick up your Bible (or your Bible app…or your Kindle/Nook) and read it….I mean really read it?

I miss it…I let everything else get in the way. For the last two years, I have started a “read the Bible through” Facebook group of friends and have failed miserably.

Do you miss spending time in God’s Word? Check back tomorrow for some thoughts on how we busy mommas might be able to spur each other on.

If you’ve hung in this long, you deserve a prize!!! Did you notice our blog is switching over to WordPress…still working out the kinks….but thinking I’m going to like it! Thanks for reading friends!


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