Parris family…party of EIGHT!!!!


It doesn’t take long for life to take a huge turn!

Our life has settled down since we brought MinLan home almost a YEAR ago…can you believe it has been that long…seems like we just brought her home and at the same time it feels like she has always been with us.  She is such a joy!

Neely and MinLan are working hard at their different therapies….our other kiddos continue to make life hilarious and interesting…Bryan and I say all the time that we can not imagine our lives without them.  We are truly blessed.

We celebrated MinLan’s 3rd birthday! She wasn’t so sure about all of the excitement but if anyone deserved to be celebrated, it was our sweet girl…she will never celebrate another birthday alone!


Neely had a great checkup at the cardiologist…still a little leaking in both valves but not any worse than the last time. Praising God for His faithfulness in healing our sweet girl’s precious heart.


Oh, and MinLan starting getting her therapies from the local school system since she aged out of Early Intervention.  She is loving it so far and is excited to go to the big school, I think!


And our most exciting news…

Over Christmas, our family advocated and raised money for a precious little boy on Reece’s Rainbow named “Timothy”. We committed to raise $1000 for his account and with your help, we did!

Now, through the work of the Lord’s mighty hand, we are bringing him home to be a part of our family!  We never saw that coming! He will have a mom and dad that love him and five siblings at home that will adore him, probably fuss with him a little and best of all, he will have a forever family.

Please click over to our adoption blog to follow our journey to bring him home…we are feverishly working on paperwork and we’ll keep you updated as we make progress! Praying to have him home soon!

To help us bring John Preston home, the Lord has laid on our heart to share our story with 1000 people and ask them to partner with us.  I’m not sure if we really even KNOW 1000 people… 🙂

Here’s where we need your help!  Would you be willing to share our story? The best way to share, we believe, is word of mouth…by taking a few minutes to call up a friend…by sharing our story at the water cooler at work…by sharing our story and how you know us personally on your Facebook wall…we know God is going to call His 1000…the 1000 people He has in mind to help us bring our son home. You can be part of John Preston’s story. If you feel led, would you donate $25 to our YouCaring page? Would you share with at least three friends?

We know we can not do this alone…we are so grateful for your help.  Look at this precious little boy…he has waited so long. Thank you for helping us bring him HOME!

handout card



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