Adoption = Loss

Info for everyone in our life who does not have a child that is adopted….


MinLan at the young age of three has known profound loss.

She lost her birth family.

She lost her orphanage “family”.

She lost her foster family.

When I drop my child off to you in a classroom setting and she is upset, I am not just going to walk away.

I have dropped off SIX other children in different situations over the years. I know that in most cases as soon as I am out of sight they will be fine.

MinLan is different. We never for one MOMENT want her to re-live any feeling of abandonment that she has experienced.

If you work with children, educate yourself about adoption, abandonment, loss and attachment. It should be required for teachers and therapists. Not every child is like the thousands of others you have worked with. Some have broken hearts from severe loss. Don’t add to that loss by not being considerate of her past.


Mama Bear



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