Dear Neely…..Thoughts on Your Third Birthday

I can not even believe that you are three years old today…


It seems like just yesterday that you joined us. I loved waiting until your birth to find out if you were a boy or a girl. Everyone was so excited…doctors, nurses, your siblings. I normally hate surprises, but this one was the BEST.ONE.EVER.


Boy, did you shake things up when you arrived! You almost got an airlift to UAB until the weather was too bad and the helicopter had to turn around and go back…then they sent an ambulance….then that ambulance broke down and they had to send another. Crazy!


Within a few minutes of your arrival at UAB, we knew that you were safe….for the time being….that you would need surgery on your precious heart soon…but for then we were able to take you home and love you.


And, oh, how WE.LOVE.YOU.  Sweet Neely Jane, you are amazing…you are loved by EVERYONE that knows you. Seriously, everyone. How many people can say that?


You are the light in our little family. You wake up each morning with a smile on your face. You insist on hugging complete strangers. You have the best smile and the most contagious little laugh. We seriously do not know how we made it as a family before you arrived.


You work so hard each day. Most people have NO IDEA what you have gone through to roll over…sit up…WALK! You are one of the bravest little girls I know (your amazing sister, MinLan is another). You work your tail off at therapy. You try…and try…and try..again and again. You don’t give up. It takes you longer to do what everyone else takes for granted. If only others had HALF of your determination. What would the world look like?


You have brought some AMAZING people into our lives. We have people who were once just therapists that we now consider friends.  We met new families….also blessed with a little something extra…that we now consider FAMILY.  We would have never known them if it weren’t for you Neely Jane. Knowing them has blessed our life…and that is all because of you.


Your siblings are enamored with you…but I bet you already knew that. Especially Ethan…you two have shared a special bond since your birth. I can’t explain it. You think he hung the moon and he feels the same about you. You are changing your siblings Neely Jane. You have made them more compassionate. You have given them patience. You have helped them to become encouragers. You have shown them what pure love looks like…you have given them a little taste of heaven here on earth.


You have confirmed for me yet again that “different” is wonderful. I knew that growing up with your Uncle Josh. You just remind me daily now.


You have given your Daddy confidence. He knows now that he can be your Daddy….he knows that whatever you CAN or CAN NOT do, it’s ok….he loves you no matter what. He was already a wonderful daddy…..but you have him so wrapped around your little finger….he would do anything for you sweet girl. Just ask him.


So today, on your birthday, we want you to know how blessed we are to know you.


I can not wait to see what God has in store for you.


It’s going to be BIG.


Your story is beautiful…your life is beautiful….you are beautiful.


You are also spunky and sassy…sometimes a little mean and snotty….but you already knew that too. 😉


You live life wide open…


And We Love You….today and every day.


Neely Jane Parris…today is your day. Happy Third Birthday sweetheart…may God continue to bless you richly!



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