Today is the Day!!!!


You see this little boy….he has been searching.

He has been asking many questions…. about heaven and hell, eternity and Jesus.

His heart has been so sensitive in recents months to the Gospel. We have talked of life after death and what it holds for us.

Such an honor we have as parents to walk our children through such an important time.

God has been calling Ethan to Himself…his heart began a response at our church’s VBS recently and it was confirmed today! Now not only is Ethan our son, but we are proud to call him our brother in Christ!

He is looking forward to being baptized at Germania Springs and says he is excited to call his brother David​, Mrs. Millie​ and Mr. Chris, Jennifer Bice​, Jennifer Cole​ and Gran.

When I asked him after our talk if he died tomorrow if he knew where he would go for eternity, his answer was heaven.

The first person he said he wanted to see was Jesus and then he wanted to see Ryan.

Now one day you will sweet boy!!!

God is good!

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