A Family for Raine

Look at this beautiful baby girl…..she needs a Momma and Daddy to love her….is it you?

Raine at Bethel

This is Raine….she was born in January of 2014…such a precious doll and so young! Raine has Down syndrome and post operative cataracts of both eyes and she is listed as Special Focus with Madison Adoption Associates.

Raine (4)

Raine is currently in the Bethel China Foster Home. Bethel China cares for children with visual impairments. Here is what they wrote about her:

Raine was just six months old when she arrived at Bethel, and we often fight over who gets to cuddle our baby girl. Raine is a very happy baby. She is always smiling and loves to be held. She is very strong and often rolls from her back to her tummy and then lifts her arms and legs, which makes it look like she is flying! Raine is in our Lighthouse baby home, where she gets lots of love and attention from the nannies. Raine is also very special because she is our first child with Down syndrome! She was born with cataracts but had surgery to remove them shortly after she came to Bethel. She can see a little and focuses in on bright toys and faces. We love this beautiful little girl!

Raine (3)

Raine - Bethel

Raine (5)

Her file states that they have prescribed glasses for her but it doesn’t appear she has them yet.  Oh, this baby girl will be precious in her glasses and what a difference they will make in her vision!

Raine (6)


Her file states that she is shy and quiet. I just want to squeeze her!!

Raine (2)

Friends, let’s find her family!!!  Will you share this post on your social media pages and Twitter feed?

Want more information?  Contact Sara with Madison Adoption Associates at 302-475-8977.

One thought on “A Family for Raine

  1. What a beautiful baby, it is my sincere hope that VERY, VERY soon she has a family to love her. How lucky, how blessed can that family be to have such a beautiful little girl to grace their life. Wish it was me……………..sigh

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