When Weariness Comes…..

In the beginning of the adoption process, you are running off of pure adrenaline! You are so excited that your dream is becoming a reality….MOST of your friends and family are ecstatic for you…you are rushing around to get paperwork completed and then comes the waiting….lots of waiting.


This waiting really gives you time to ponder all that is going on.  I think God gives us this wait for a very specific purpose.  Waiting helps us prepare our minds and hearts for what is about to happen….how we need to refocus on our priorities in life…and time as well, to prepare our children at home for their new sibling.

Life will be very different once John Preston sets his feet on American soil.  With MinLan, it was almost like bringing a baby home. We could cuddle her close, wear her in the baby sling, rock her to sleep…all those things that you typically do to bond with your children.

John Preston will be different. He is an eight year old little boy. He has a language of his very own, he has had a pretty consistent life for the past eight years…he will be leaving his foster family that he loves and his school as well as friends. This will be a heartbreaking loss for him. As wonderful as we know adoption to be…at this point he won’t know that. We will be pulling him from all he has ever known. It truly breaks my momma heart, even though I know the benefits for him will far outweigh the sadness in the beginning.

I try to think what would happen to Ethan, who will be eight tomorrow. What if someone came from China…we handed Ethan over to them with only the clothes on his back? He got on a plane and went to live with a family there. He wouldn’t be able to understand them. He would miss his bed and his comforts. No one would know what to say to him when he is afraid or even what his favorite foods are.  He would be so afraid. I can not even imagine the thought.

But, yet this is exactly what will happen to John Preston.

Friends, please pray with me. Pray for his heart and pray that his fears will be calmed. Pray that he feels how much we love him from the moment we see him.

This waiting also has me stepping back and looking at all I have going on. I have thrown myself 110% into many fundraisers to help us reach our goal. Some have been super effective and some have been a bust. I have had many irons in the fire since about February and I feel very clearly the Lord telling me to stop…focus on my little ones and my husband in this time of waiting.

Can I tell you that it is a hard word to hear?

I want to do anything and everything to raise the funds to bring John Preston home. The number looming before us is large…really large. It scares me to look at it sometimes. I am praying continuously for God to take this fear from me…to help me stand strong on the promise that He made to us that John Preston is our son.

Here’s where I need you. I wanted to share today to give me accountability.

  • Over the remaining days of August, I plan to wrap up several things I have going on Facebook.
  • For the month of September, I am removing the Facebook app from my phone and only plan to check it from my computer when time allows…probably at night after we get the kids to sleep.
  • I feel the Lord calling me to focus on ONE good thing…not many good things. I pray that in September I get clear direction on whether to continue helping Ellie with Jamberry, whether or not we should continue with Norwex (whose products I LOVE) and how the oil business could benefit our adoption of John Preston.
  • My plan is to use my blog as my only form of sharing what is going on in our lives.  I have missed blogging…such a great outlet for me. I love that my children will be able to look back on our daily lives and get just a glimpse into how we lived out our lives.
  • I want to plan two or three date nights for Bryan and I, without kids, in the month of September. Financially, I don’t even know if that will be possible but I hope we can try our best. In the busyness of life, I have missed time with him when we can actually hear each other and finish a complete thought. 😉
  • I’m praying that the Lord gives Bryan and I clear direction on funding the rest of our adoption during this time. There are days I pray the days FLY by and then days I am scared for the process to go too quickly because of the financial aspect. How terrible is that? I want our boy home YESTERDAY and hate that I have even had the thought that we need the process to move more slowly. John Preston has waited EIGHT LONG YEARS on a family to come for him.

Thank you friends for your support of our family We could not have come this far without your fervent prayers and generosity. God does not call everyone to adopt. But He DOES call all of us to help the orphan. We are so grateful that you have let God use you to support our family.

Thank you for being willing to hold me accountable to taking a few steps back in September. Praying for God to send a mighty wind to point our ship in the right direction.

Longing to have our little boy HOME,


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