Here We Go…

Thanks to so many of my friends who prayed for me recently. My heart has been weary and you all were just the encouragement that I needed.

Today starts some cutting back for me. I have removed my Facebook and Messenger apps from my cell phone. My plan is to check in with all my friends once a day…sometime at night after we get the little ones to bed. I want to catch up with you, take care of some business things…but otherwise have a bit of a breather.

I look forward to sharing here on my blog about how things are God is working.

The days are getting shorter and shorter until we will be invited to go to China and bring John Preston home. We started this adoption with a very clear vision that God was going to provide a way to bring him home. I have tried my best to “help God along” by hosting fundraisers, selling things..anything to help the process.  But I wonder what would have happened if I had taken myself out of the equation. If I had just let God work in His own time…provide in the way HE had planned.

So friends, today that is where you find me. In a place where I feel led to step back…spend time in prayer as a family about how to proceed…what would GOD have us do? Maybe it is to continue having fundraisers…maybe He has something bigger than we could have ever hoped for, dreamed or imagined.

Praying that in the month of September, as I take a step back that God speaks to Bryan and I. That He gives us clear direction.

Thank you to my sweet friend Sami who shared this message from her husband tonight. “Who’s In Your Boat?”  The Lord knew I needed this today my friend. Grab a cup of coffee and listen as Joe shares.

Right now, we are waiting on our LOA from China. This is the letter telling us that they have approved our adoption of John Preston…he will be OURS! Our dossier is still in translation but once it is out, I expect things to move very quickly. We have some more paperwork on our end and then China will send us TA or travel approval. This is the formal invitation from China to travel.


Friends, please continue to lift us up in prayer…especially our sweet son John Preston. So much change is coming for him. What courage it will take for him to take my hand and walk away from all he has ever known. Pray for his heart.

God bless you all,


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