God is faithful…

Yesterday was my first day to step back a bit from social media and from fundraising for our adoption. Is that hard? Yep. Not hard like what other people face, but hard for me.

As a stay-at-home mom, sometimes I feel like my only glimpses of sanity are when I can hop on Facebook and see what my friends are up to. The bad thing is that it becomes consuming. Always afraid I might miss something so I am constantly checking in.

Yesterday felt good.

And God showed His faithfulness. Yesterday, on my first “official day”…I received $200 from a fundraiser a friend hosted for our family.

Thank you Lord!

I have also been holding onto two other checks for a total of $200 from another fundraiser that a new friend hosted for us.

Ethan had a precious family take him up on his offer to help with yard work and they donated $100 towards our adoption.

So, yesterday on our first day of NOT being in full-on fundraising mode, I mailed a check to our agency for $500.

God is so good.

Tears my friends….He knew that this momma heart needed some confirmation. Just a small word that what I was doing was the right thing. He delivered.

This morning, I woke up to a message that our family was being considered for a special grant opportunity for families that are adopting.

Further confirmation for me….day two.

Why does doubt creep in….why do I forget who’s in my boat?

We know that God called us to adopt…but how often we forget that He is going to make a way. Praying that this month of stepping back reminds me over and over of God’s faithfulness.

I’m not one to ask God for “signs” but I believe He sends them…just when we need them.

Across the world, a precious little boy is sleeping. He is our son. Loved. Treasured. Valued.

We will move heaven and earth to bring him home.

BW Parris (5)

Pray with us today that in these few shorts months that we have left, that God provides in a  BIG way. Our only desire is to give Him all the praise and the glory for all the great things He has done.

God you are faithful. Let us never forget.

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