Safari Cell-Phone Round UP!


Are you like me?

I open up a gazillion windows in Safari on my cell phone and leave them all open because I want to get back to them?

Some may be junk but some might be worth their weight in gold!

What websites do you have open?

Here’s what I have…maybe something that might interest you too!

Demands & Excuses from Lilyana’s Light

Cheerful Persistence….who doesn’t need that some days?

Five In A Row…looking at doing Before Five In A Row with the little girls as they get older.

21 Day Fix info….hoping to start this soon when we have the money to purchase it. Losing weight is going well with Whole 30…now I need to add some exercise. 😉

Conquering Paper Clutter…everyone needs that!!!

Handwriting Activity Pages for homeschooling

Yes. This. My Heartbreaking Secret That I Wish I Had Shared.

I have been wanting to read this about “Morning Time” rituals.

Tips and tricks for mini-quilt binding….you know for my spare time plans. 😉

Oven Roasted Burgers…so yummy and easy! Minus the cheese of course for Whole 30 friends!

FED UP….I want to watch this movie!!!

Facial Moisturizer Ideas…I have been using straight argan oil and am loving what it is doing for my skin…just a Norwex body cloth to wash my face at night and add argan oil…then my oil blend of castor oil and jojoba oil to wash my face in the morning! So easy!

Painting your brick fireplace….I am so itching to do this!!! There is something about being in the middle of an adoption, that makes you want to start and finish a project QUICKLY, am I right? Makes you feel like you can accomplish SOMETHING in the midst of WAITING for your child to come home forever. My sweet friend Renee has almost got me convinced to do a lime wash on the brick. Still trying to decide and waiting for a money tree to grow in my backyard so I can start on this project! HA!

Blank Menu Sheet…simple and easy from my friend Stacy over at

Great post for homeschooling mommas over at Quill and Camera…How homeschooling is benefitting our kids, even when it’s hard.

Three Thousand Days of (Mostly) Wedded Bliss by my precious friend Angela over at The Mango Memoirs.

The Making of a Family…friends this is a must watch from my friend Mandy and her husband Bryson. Whether you are an adoptive family or not…tears…just watch it.

The Farmhouse…does everyone love Chip and Joanna as much as I do?!?!?!?

The Curious Case of Charlie Pell…a must read…long but worth it. For anyone touched by suicide in their life….which heartbreakingly is so many.

How my friend Kelley hit FULLY FUNDED with her adoption! Such an inspiration. I need to keep reading it to give me faith that the Lord is going to way a way for us too!

Answers In Genesis videos for kids! Can’t wait to go to the Creation Museum one day!

Old Witch’s Magic Nut Cake…man I loved all of their books as a kid!

Family Success Coach…I have enjoyed watching classes and reading info from the Lybrand family. We just started “The Writing Course” for Ellie yesterday that Fred Lybrand created. So excited!!!

So there you have it….one great big list from Safari…maybe I need to close out these windows now! HA! Hope you find something that might interest you too!



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