Adoption Financial Update


Can you believe what a crazy adoption week it has been for us?!?!?  I can because God is in charge! And He has been busy!!

Just wanted to update all of you on where we stand and how close we are to bringing our sweet John Preston home!

We have several different things going on, so I hope all of this makes sense!

Currently in our FSP with Reece’s Rainbow, we have $3130 available to us. This includes a $2000 donation from a generous donor this week that we do not know! The remainder showing in this account has already been sent to our agency.

In our YouCaring/PayPal site along with our rolled change from a sweet friend, we have enough to pay for our Visas and courier fees that are coming due.

Today, some of our amazing friends presented us with $5000 that they have worked all week behind the scenes to raise together and surprise us with! WOW!!!

We also have been offered a matching $2000 grant through Brittany’s Hope. If we can raise $2000 then after we arrive back home from China, they will give us $4000. We are planning to apply funds donated and raised towards this $2000.

We have $300 donated personally by friends in the last few weeks in hand.

So that is $8430 that we have available to us right now.

We have had one anonymous donor and one sweet friend offer us matching grants in the amounts of $750 and $848. God is good! We are not sure if we will be able to use our surprise donations today to consider these grants met or not. Waiting to hear and we will share these matching grants this week if they have not been met.

A check for our last matching grant of $500 should arrive at Reece’s Rainbow this week and be credited to our account.

We also heard from a local pastor who wanted to hear more about our story and pray about how God might use his church family to help us bring John Preston home. We look forward to hearing how they might be able to help us this week!

Here’s what we have left to pay.  Some of these numbers are subject to change based on airline flights, hotel prices, etc.

Flights – $6000

Hotel estimate in China – $1760

Estimated cost for meals, ground transfers, guide, translator (this seems high based on our last trip but this is what our agency gave us – $5000

Preparation of Chinese adoption documents and passport for John Preston – $1100

Orphanage donation – $5700


Upcoming fundraisers we have:

This Wednesday, our family will be having a chili fundraiser at our church’s fall festival. We will be taking donations only for our chili.

On November 1st, we are starting an online auction that will last through the 13th. 

So here’s where we are…

Last week we shared that we still needed from $14,000 to $20,000.  The variance is due to the fact that we have asked for a waiver from China for part of our fees and we are waiting to hear back about whether or not this has been granted. Not sure when we will know.

After donations this week and funds we already had available to us, we are looking at $3400 – $9400 to get John Preston home!

Our prayer is that very soon, after our matching grants have been met and our auction ends, and hopefully China grants our waiver that we can say we are fully funded! How amazing will that be!??!?!?! God has been so FAITHFUL!!!!!!

Friends you have lifted a huge weight from our minds this week!!!!!! We are inching closer to fully funded…I feel like we can take a deep breath and turn our focus homeward…get things in our house in order, spend these last few weeks preparing our children at home for John Preston’s arrival, begin to pack our empty suitcases and get ready to go to CHINA!!!!




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