Kantha Quilt Giveaway


If you are my in real life friend, you probably already think I am a little crazy.

Truth be told you are probably right.

But when it comes to helping orphans find their forever families, any amount of crazy is worth it. So here goes….some amazing friends and I have chosen an Angel Tree child on Reece’s Rainbow this year!!!!!

Remember how we advocated for “Timothy” last year? This is the same thing!! Our goal, as a group, is to raise AT LEAST $1000 to help Trudy find her forever family!!!

TrudyEllie and I met her while we were in China and she is so precious. Quiet and shy….just beautiful. She was born just a few months before my Ellie and is still waiting on a forever family. Eleven years old. She only has a short amount of time to find a family or she will lose her chance forever.

To help us raise funds for sweet Trudy. we are doing a Kantha quilt giveaway!!!!  Isn’t this gray quilt beautiful! It is a twin size measuring approximately 60×90 inches. Drawing will be held Friday, December 18th at NOON!!!!

For your chance to win, all we ask it that you donate $5 per chance to get your name in the hat!


$5 = one chance to win

$10 = two chances to win

Up to as many chances as you’d like to donate!

And if you’d like to donate $35, Reece’s Rainbow will also send you a beautiful ornament for your tree with Trudy’s picture on it so you can remember how you helped her and remember to pray for her!

Donations MUST be made to her account at Reece’s Rainbow. We have no way of knowing who donated so here’s how you let us know…THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!


Thank you for checking out our giveaway and for donating to help Trudy find her forever family!!!


Jenifer, Lacy, Whitney, Jennifer and Bethany


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