Hello from Guangzhou!

Ni hao from Guangzhou, China!
It is Sunday morning here…3am to be exact. We slept as long as we could. Jetlag is so much fun.
We arrived in Guangzhou about 1am on Saturday, January 2nd. We celebrated the new year in a plane snoozing I think. 😉 Our guide brought us to the hotel to get settled and we spent the day by ourselves getting things organized here and just resting. 
We went out that afternoon to try and kill some time and stay awake. We went to Friendship Store and looked at all the goodies out of our price range! Ha!! If you were looking for Calvin Klein or Lacoste, you would have been set!
Then we headed to H&M!!! I so wish we had one of these close in the US. Love this store. I refrained from buying anything but I saw lots of cute things! Especially for my three littlest girls! 
It felt like we had been gone for hours but I looked at the time and we had only killed ONE HOUR!!! What?!?!? Between noon and four o’clock I got in my 10,000 steps for the day! Ha!! You better be ready to WALK here.
We got to feeling sick in Aeon because of the heat in the store. Everyone here is bundled up like snow is coming and I am over here wishing I had brought shorts! Ha! Felt so much better after we got back outside. Every office and building here is hot…they are allergic to air conditioning. 😉
We came back to the room and played about four rounds of Uno and had lots of laughs. Seems so strange to be with only TWO of my kiddos! Enjoying getting to spend this time with them.
After that we went to dinner at Lai Wan Market in the Garden Hotel. Got some yummy noodles and spring rolls and some expensive Sprites. The spring rolls had something different in them than the last time we came….the kids devoured them but I barely made it through a half while trying to hide my gag reflex. I think they had mushrooms in them, maybe. Definitely different from the last time! Oh, well!
We headed back to the room and got in to our pjs. The kids insisted they were not tired but by five o’clock I was toast. I had to lay my head on the pillow. I told the kids they could stay up until seven but then they had to go to bed. Something woke me up at 6pm and I looked over and they were both OUT! Ha!! So much for, “We’re NOT sleepy!!” 😉
Thanks so much to each of you who have been praying for us and our adoption process. We are so grateful. Please don’t stop now!
Pray for Bryan as he cares for the three little girls at home. They are doing great he says but I know it will get harder as the days move on and he has to go back to work.
Pray for Ethan and Ellie as they have to be flexible here. Ethan is not good with change. They are both super excited to be here so their energy level is off the charts. Planning to find a local park with our guide in the next few days to run and play.
Pray for John Preston. His entire world is about to change. We all know that in the long run it is for the better but he will not know this. I know he will miss his foster family terribly. Pray that he will have a supernatural understanding of what is happening that only God can give him. Pray that we are able to make him feel safe and that during our time in China we can begin to build trust.
Please pray for me. China is a hard trip. It is fun and exciting and I am SO happy to be here to bring our son home but it does not make this trip any easier. It is hard being in a place where almost no one speaks your language. It is hard to feel like your momma senses are on high alert for danger at all times. I never really feel relaxed. That adrenaline pumping is exhausting. I do not feel unsafe at all but it is just different. The spiritual dryness (thank you for putting that into words Katie) is unbearable. I wish I could explain it to you. It feels like the only Holy Spirit that is with me is what I brought. It is hard to put into words. To be surrounded by a culture that does not believe as you do, gives me a new respect for our missionaries around the world. When I stepped foot back onto American soil the last time, I felt surrounded by the Holy Spirit and it was overwhelming. The tears would not stop. Please just pray that I feel the presence of the Lord. I thirst for it.
We are all taking showers this morning…it is now 4:30 am and getting ready to head down for breakfast. Our guide is picking us up at 9:30 in the lobby and taking us to the toy market. To say that the kids are excited about this is an understatement. 
Love You All!



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