Day Four!

Today was the day that John Preston legally became a Parris forever! He can’t leave the country yet because he does not a passport and visa but he IS our son!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!
We got up and ate breakfast at our hotel. It was a bit stressful. John Preston kept hopping up and walking away from the table. I’ll have to admit I did enjoy my first few days of uneventful breakfasts. Ha!! We survived though and made it back to the room to freshen up and then meet our guide at 9:30am in the lobby to compete our adoption.
This is the day where we also had to see the crazy notary here in Guangzhou. He is quite the funny little man. Alexa, our guide, has warned me each time we have seen him to just answer his questions shortly and get it done. Our last adoption he even asked me if I was “satisfied” in my marriage since my husband did not travel me. WHAT?!?!?? He is a silly little man. This time he made sure to tell John Preston that his father was “no general” since Bryan’s paperwork said he was a “range officer”. I guess he wanted to break the disappointing news to John Preston personally. Ha! He also told our guide that the mother of six was a beautiful momma. How flattering…too bad I am already spoken for! Ha!
After our adoption, we went with another precious family (Kira on RR) to a local noodle shop. Last time Ellie and I went we got COLD noodles and they were gross!!! This time our guide took us and helped us order!!! We had fried noodles and pork dumplings that were to die for! YUMMY!!! Ethan was not happy with the choices so he ate the cucumbers in soy sauce that the other family ordered. πŸ˜‰ He is not afraid to mooch. John Preston acted out a good bit and by the end my nerves were shot. The other sweet family paid for our lunch. What a blessing!!
We went back to the hotel and rested in the room by playing quiet games. Staying in the hotel room is a huge help.
We went to dinner with the Young family (Lanaya on RR). We had a great time with this family from the south!!!! It is so wonderful to hear their voices. Music to my ears!! We went to the Irish pub again since they had not been. It was yummy! We ordered John Preston noodles of course, Ethan a burger and fries, Ellie got a beautiful Greek salad and I got rice with shrimp in a cream sauce! DELICIOUS!!!
We came back to the room and attempted our second bath with John Preston. This one went much better. We got a good teething brushing in too which was AWESOME. Trust me.
We all put our pajamas on and divided up in the two beds. The kids fell asleep in about five minutes. So thankful that this night was better than the first. Jetlag is still hanging around and it makes for a hard night when he is wanting to wander and not sleep. Yay for progress already on night two!!! Praying for the same tonight!
Thanks to everyone who is containing to pray. Our journey is really just beginning with John Preston. Once we make it home from China, then starts the process of real attachment, figuring out our homeschooling situation, evaluations and therapies for John Preston, figuring out our weekly schedule, transitioning him into how our family functions, and working on behavior issues. The plan is to love him just the way he is, work on the things we can and take one day at a time.
We love you all and are so thankful for you!

 (So sorry these are out of order! I despise blogging from my phone!)

The hot wheels track was all fun and games until John Preston started  slapping the tv!!

On the way to breakfast! John Preston was mesmerized by the “zamboni” guy cleaning the lobby floor!

He loves trying to use the fork!!!

He is a rockstar at this puzzle! He even does parts wrong on purpose to check and see if you are paying attention!

Waiting on the notary!

The required visit to Trustmart….AKA Walmart!! We walked around while the other family shopped. Ha! I thought Ethan was going to be sick looking at the raw chicken feet laying out in a big bin!


Lunch shenanigans. I almost did not survive. πŸ˜‰

It has been almost eight months since we all lost Ryan. Almost no English channels here but Ethan flipped on the tv and this song was playing in English! We miss Ryan so much. Ethan liked this reminder of him while we were in China.

This girl….seriously. Somebody buy her a pony or send her to Disney! There is NO WAY I could have done this trip without her. So thankful that the Lord made a way for her to come. Seriously. I panic inside at the THOUGHT of her not being here!!!!!
Officially a PARRIS forever!!

I think I am going to have to set up my iPad for him! He of course loves it! It is helping us keep him calm out in public.


Ellie and Ethan enjoyed these potato skins at the Irish pub!

What would a trip to China be without hanging with the Chicago Bulls!!! My new friend Crystal is WAY braver than I am! She hollered out at them and they stopped and were so nice! Grabbed a quick picture and it was nice to hear AMERICANS!!!!!

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