Day Five!

Day five was pretty uneventful! Thank the Lord! 
We ate breakfast in the hotel and then played in the room for a while. We eventually ventured out to Starbucks where we all enjoyed frappuccinos!! Ellie and John Preston had green tea java chip and Ethan and I got mocha java chip.
We continued on around the corner and tried out the restaurant “Flower” at the recommendation of friends. It was yummy. We got it to go because momma was not interested in wrestling John Preston at a restaurant. 😉
We got French fries, a sort of grilled cheese, a club sandwich, a baked broccoli dish which was delicious and some pasta with shrimp. All yummy!!!!
We headed out in the afternoon at 2:50pm to go to the police station to complete some more paperwork and take a photo for John Preston’s visa. It was a quick visit. So thankful! With MinLan it took forever!!
We headed back to the hotel and played some more and then went down to the front desk and ordered an “American pizza” from Champion pizza. So nice to have dinner delivered to our room!!! 
We got into our pjs quickly and we’re off to sleep!!
Thanks for following our journey and continuing to pray for us!!!





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