Day Seven!

Medical!!! Done!!!!

This will be short and sweet! Our medical appointment went fine. The doctors and nurses checked John Preston out and though he seemed terrified, he stayed mostly calm. 

They did a blood draw for a TB test and he cried just a bit in the room but had stopped before he got back out to us. He only showed us his bandaid about 76 times. Each time he showed us he made a pitiful pouty face. And he showed EVERYONE who would stop and look! Ha!

Pray with us that his test comes back NEGATIVE!

He did have a light rash when they checked him over that I had not even seen that morning! Prayers that it goes away!

After the medical, we came back to the room and settled in for a lunch of whatever we could find in our suitcase! Ha! I think we ended up with beef jerky, Oreos, crackers, peanut butter crackers and sprites!

We ended up going to dinner at Flower again and ran into the beautiful Young family who adopted Lanaya on RR! Love them!!! We grabbed Starbucks frappuccinos too with our dinner so all was right with the world!!




And he apparently LOVES gymnastics!!!

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