Day Ten!!

The days are winding down! Praise the Lord!! Two weeks away from home is too long! Today we had our official consulate appointment that allows us to get John Preston’s visa to leave the country. Then we headed out with three other families to go to Safari Park. It is sort of like an Animal Kingdom wanna be but no rides. Ha!

Side note: the most important thing Ethan has learned in China is that he REALLY wants a selfie-stick. Just thought you might like to know. Moving on.

Forgive me that these pics are NOT in order!!


Woke up to a new picture of our sweet grandbaby!!!! Isn’t she precious?!?!


DONE!!!! Hate that we can’t take cameras INSIDE!! I raised my hand, swore an oath that ALL of those papers I have filled out to get us here were accurate and correct! Why yes they are!!!! Now bring on the visa!!

Loved riding the train with my sweet Ethan at Safari Park!

Will we ever lose the peace sign? Probably not… đŸ˜‰


Silly John Preston!!

Here’s our train!



Check out John Preston’s face when he saw the first animals! 

He wasn’t too sure about some of the BIG animals!


Ethan insisted that I take a picture of this zoo vehicle.



Want to scare the heebie jeebies out of your newly adopted children? Take them to see these dinosaurs!!!!!!  


I think we wore our guide Richard out. Ha!!! Ethan was sitting next to him and they enjoyed a nice nap on the way home!

John Preston was not having his picture taken! 

The panda triplets!!!!!!

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