It takes a village…

I know you’ve heard me say it before….not everyone is called to adopt….I totally get that. But each of us are called to care for the orphan. Maybe for you this means advocating for waiting children….maybe it means donating your time to local children in the foster care system….maybe it means donating to an orphanage across the world to help them with expenses….it looks different for each person. But for some of us we are called to ADOPT. And have I said before that it is expensive? Yep, I probably have…it is. Painfully so. But when God calls you to step out in faith…you find yourself looking past the dollar signs. All you see is the face of your child. And they ware waiting on YOU to come for them. Some have been waiting a long time.

Our family wants to help these families. We do not have a lot of resources to give. Hosting fundraisers for families is one way we can help.

Our family is hosting a fundraiser with Barefoot Books for Alysen Ford and her family to help them bring their little one HOME. Forever.

What does this have to do with you, you ask?

You can help too. Join us. We will have a thirty minute FB online party this Thursday night. I’ll share about some AMAZING books for your little ones. Buy a book. They start as low as $3.99.

What momma doesn’t love reading to her little ones? What momma doesn’t want their children to have high quality, culturally diverse books in the hands of their little ones?

Purchase a book for a gift, purchase a book for an Easter basket…or no occasion needed!

Your purchase of a beautiful book can help a waiting child…the Ford’s waiting child…come home forever. Would you be willing to join us and check out Barefoot Books? I know you will find something you love…I love them all!
During the adoption process, it is so hard to put yourself “out there”. Do you really want your friends and family to know that you need their help? Do you really want to admit that you can’t do this alone? It is hard….you are afraid to fill up your Facebook feed with adoption “stuff”….you don’t want to chase away your family and friends….but at the end of the day, that sweet little face is staring back at you from the refrigerator door. And you’ll do whatever it takes.


Friends, let’s help the Ford family. This is a local family that I know personally. Many of you know them too. Let’s don’t make them have to shout from the rooftops….let’s just quietly come along side them and make this happen. ALL of my commission will go directly to the Ford family. You’ll receive some beautiful books that your family will treasure. Let’s do this.

Our fundraiser is a private event, please let me know if I can send you an invitation.

Love You All,

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