John Preston….


I’ve tried my best to share honestly about our journey of adoption.

Lest you think I have been too gloom and doom lately, I wanted to share a little bit about our boy.

  • When getting undressed, he makes sure that EVERY piece of clothing is turned right side out…every one. He is slow and precise. 😉
  • He washes his hands methodically…..he MEANS he is going to get every speck of whatever off of his hands. I have never seen a BOY wash their hands that well.
  • After bath time, when you dry his hair, he looks like a fluffy puppy. It looks ridiculous and precious all at the same time.
  • He will eat anything. And he will eat every last drop of food on his plate. Not in a “starving” kind of way….just in a “he appreciates the food” kind of way.
  • We have a little toy basket from IKEA that came with fruits and vegetables in it. John Preston wears it as a hat CONSTANTLY. It is just the cutest.
  • You have never seen someone as excited as John Preston when someone comes home. You would think it was Christmas. That boy is excited to see any of us come back.
  • He was ECSTATIC over the Valentine candy he got. And HYSTERICAL when we would not let him eat every piece all at one sitting. #notetoself #onlylethimseeonepiece
  • He LOVES to play with our little kitchen. Like, seriously. He would play with it for hours.
  • He LOVES to play with a ball of any kind.
  • He is very proud of the “writing” he does. He can fill up page after page.
  • He loves to dance. Anytime music comes on, he begins his Chinese dance moves.
  • He stands perfectly still when I need to wash his face or brush his teeth. I’m sure the orphanage nannies had no time for foolishness with over 300 children to care for. I’ll admit it is nice to not have to fight with a little boy to get him clean. 😉
  • He loves to watch out the car window when we drive. You would think he saw Disneyworld out of that window, he is so happy.
  • He loves to play with babydolls and stuffed animals. He takes really good care of them and is very kind and nurturing.
  • He calls me “ayi” instead of momma. I’ll admit this drives me bananas. Especially since he calls Bryan “baba”. Ayi is aunt/nanny in China.

Just a few things about John Preston…each day is getting a little better. He is calming down and settling in more. We are praying for God to continue to knit him into our family with each passing day.




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