Westbrook Family…”You Are So Loved”

Let’s help the Westbrook family get their precious Abe HOME forever!!!


We auctioned off the original “You Are So Loved” print to bring home our son John Preston. It was created and donated by our amazing friend Shayna Butler. Isn’t it beautiful?!!?!?

Everyone was crazy for them and wanted their very own. Well, now you have the chance!


All prices include shipping directly to your door!

5 x 7   $15.00

8 x 10   $25.00

11 x 14   $45.00

Want a custom size or maybe even a canvas? Let me know on the google form above and I can get you a price quote!


Sale ends Friday, March 25th!

ALL PROCEEDS for this print sale will go directly to the Westbrook family to bring Abe home.

All orders must be prepaid.

I will place one print order this Friday and one the next so those that order early don’t have to wait! YAY!!!!

Elisabeth, you are so loved my friend and so is Abe!

Friends, his family is working hard to bring him HOME…let’s help them!!!







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