Help A Girl Out!!!!!

Let’s talk for a minute, shall we?  What are your thoughts when I mention direct sales, network marketing, Etsy, Ebay, etc? Do you want to run in the other direction?  Or are you intrigued? Do you often wonder if these moms make any money at these stay-at-home business ventures? Wonder if their products really do all they say they can do?

Hang with me, ok?

You have a Facebook right? Facebook is now more than what you had for lunch or what your relationship status is…. 😉

It is a powerful tool.

I love to share funny things my kids say or their latest photos. And, in turn, I love to see pics of your kiddos and love a good chuckle over something funny they said. I am honored to get to pray over your prayers needs with you when I see them pop up on my feed. I love keeping up with friends from high school that I never get to see, I love seeing what’s going on in my area and it is an easy way to ask questions, get feedback and to build community with like minded mommas.

I’ve noticed that more and more my friends are using Facebook to grow their online businesses. It might drive some of you batty. But I love it.


Because these women are chasing their dreams…and I get a front row seat.

Give these mommas a chance…

  • Some of them want to earn additional income to help pay bills…some want to pay for their child’s braces..someone to send their little ones to summer camp…some want to adopt…some want the fulfillment of owning their own business. Whatever the reason, let’s cheer these ladies on!


  • Tired of seeing “sales-y” posts on your Facebook feed? Just say to yourself “kuddos to that girl for doing her thing and sharing about something she loves” and just keep scrolling. I promise you don’t have to buy what she’s selling…but maybe you know a friend who would benefit from what they have to offer. Share that post with your friend!


  • We all share about things we love on social media, don’t we? We tell our friends about the new coffee shop we just tried out and loved. We tell our friends about a special we saw advertised at our favorite grocery store. We tell our friends about a fun local park we visited with the kids. And what do we get for sharing? The satisfaction of sharing? 😉 With your own business, you earn an income to help your family.

Do these women really earn an income?

For years, I have thought that earning an income in network marketing, direct sales, or even your own online shop was for the select few. But friends, I am seeing it happen all around me. I have friends that earn enough to pay each month for the products they use for their family. I’ve seen my friends replace their income and stay at home with their little ones. I’ve seen my friends, replace their SPOUSES income and retire them to be at home as well. These are not fictional people in some company promo material. These are women I KNOW. Amazing!

Do you LOVE what you do?

I have A LOT of friends that are miserable at their 9-5 jobs.

But my friends that own their own businesses?

They love what they do. They love that they get to share a product they love with others. They are energized by owning their own business. Their minds are teeming with new ideas…they are excited to share what they are learning and they are becoming leaders and inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Friends, you can love what you do too! Will it be easy? Nope. You’ll have to hustle! You’ll have to make sacrifices. But will it be worth it? You bet!

Say hello to my  friends….

I couldn’t tell you all that and then not connect you with my amazing friends, now could I?

Here are just a few of the amazing mommas I know that are ROCKIN’ their businesses. Visit their websites…ask them questions if you are interested in joining them…make a purchase….many of their products are things you are already buying anyway…why not purchase from them and support a fellow woman….a small business owner.

Let’s support each other.

Let’s be a part of each other’s BIG dreams. 



Elizabeth Powers with It Works!

Krystle Montique with Norwex 

Angela Braniff with Mamarazzi E-course

Anna Stevens at Fairy Nest Lane

Misty Shell with Plexus

Jennifer Bell with AdvoCare

LeAnne Vice with Keller Williams Realty Group

Marcie Evans with Thirty-One Gifts

Kelly Yaun with Crazy Daisies

Emily Karr with Tupperware

Tonya Tanner with Beautycounter 

Melonie Jones Handmade Knitted Items

Jennifer Nguyen with Juniper Studio

Brandi Silvers with Silvers Design

Brandi Harrison with Matilda Jane TK#1285

Charlotte Allen with Origami Owl

Alexis Hall with Rodan & Fields

Lynne Fleites with Juice Plus

Brianna Lardie with Younique

Jessica Zehr with Steeped Tea

Eryn Austin with It Works!

Jewell Seprodi with Young Living #1581092

Christie Sellers with Plexus

Sherri Griffin with Young Living

Shellie Costain with Rodan & Fields

Lisa Murphy with Juice Plus

Yvette Kreb with Heritage Kid Designs

Amy Reynolds with Trades of Hope

Jamie Larson with Younique

Diane Grover with Dream Merchants Coffee

Heather Bailey with LuLaRoe

Hollie Smith with Rodan & Fields

Kaylyn Van Camp with Dunlap Love and Plexus

Cassie Bergstresser with Younique

Laura Luyt with The Luyt Emporium


Joanne Goughan with Beautycounter 

Jessica McKinnon with Younique

Katie Sumners with Younique

Jennifer Bosley with Usborne Books

Ashley Davila with Holland Hearts Bowtique

Lindsey Estes with Jewel Scent

Chastity Vargas with Isagenix

Katie Komada with Justice Gifts (weighted blankets)

Stephanie Higginbotham with Initials, Inc.

Stacy Gruhn with Noonday Collection

I’d love for you to visit me online too!

Barefoot Books

Young Living













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