Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Neely Jane…

Today is June the fourth, the day that God sent our family on the most amazing journey.

DSC_3796 bw

The day that Neely Jane burst into our lives and we have never been the same.

DSC_3825 bw

She was the little girl that I had always prayed for. One sporting an extra chromosome.

DSC_3823 bw

She would break our world wide open…..prepare our hearts for adoption….introduce us to the most AMAZING families…change our lives forever….for the better.

DSC_3817 bw

She is sassy and spunky. She does not take no for an answer. She says she’s daddy’s girl, but secretly we all know she adores her momma. She is bossy….like WAY bossy, and tells everyone what to do.

DSC_3802 bw

She loves books and would look at them for hours.

DSC_3794 bw

She loves her sisters, adores her big brother Ethan and is learning to like John Preston. 😉

DSC_3790 bw

She counterbalances MinLan’s morning grumpiness with the most beautiful smile when she first opens her eyes.

DSC_3830 bw

Everyone loves her….and I mean everyone. She is precious, amazing, beautiful……all the words.

DSC_3804 bw

Neely Jane you are adored far beyond what you will ever know. Happy Birthday our darling girl! You are a blessing!!! God has big plans for you!

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