Have you been waiting….


Friends, it’s time to treat yourself and take that plunge 😉 FREE bottle of tangerine when you buy the Premium Starter Kit this month and tangerine is the yummiest diffused or put in sugar scrubs! I love it to help me get a good night’s rest too!
The Premium Starter Kit from YL is the best deal!
So essential oils. In our family, we have seen success using essential oils as support for sleep, stress, supporting healthy immune systems, hormones, household cleaning/cooking and a whole bunch of other things.
We also buy all of our detergent, dish soaps, hand soaps, cleaning, shampoos, vitamins, protein shakes, deodorant, baby lotion, and more through this amazing company!
Some commonly asked questions that I KNOW you want to ask me!
– Do they really work as well as everyone says?
Absolutely yes! I mean it when I say that my entire life has changed because of oils. I am incredibly grateful and want everyone to have them in their homes!
– I’m afraid I’ll get oils and not use them. Help?
We won’t let this happen – we have countless ways to walk hand in hand with you on this journey- monthly classes, product education, Facebook groups, videos, booklets and more!
– Can I use them on my kids?
Uhmmmmm, hello…have you seen how many kids we have? 😉 I use them on all of them and we will go over how to do this the right way in my education Facebook group!
– How do I get a kit?
Click the link below and it will walk you through the steps! It’s not just a kit though, you are joining a community and we can’t wait to have you on this journey with us!

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