Can I just go ahead and admit that muscles aren’t my thing? Maybe because I’ve never had any to speak of….

I was never the cheerleader or the dancer. Athletics were not my thing. EVER. Once, my junior high basketball coach tried to recruit me because of my height…then he saw me play basketball during P.E.

I never had to worry about those recruiting conversations again.

Fast forward to my life now with four, going on five, little ballerinas in my house. Bobby pins litter every flat surface, we are constantly battling runs in tights and costume glitter, and the number of miles on my big gray van is astronomical.

As I’ve watched my girls dance, especially my oldest, I’m amazed at the muscles they develop as they dance. Muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Dancers, especially ballerinas, are striving for those long, lean “lines”.  There is ongoing conversation about turnout, hip rotation and gluteal muscles.  A dancer’s calves and feet muscles are unparalleled. The daily barre work and repetitive rehearsals continue to strengthen these muscles and many more over their years as a dancer.

You can spot a ballerina from just one glance. They have a certain “look”. Their hours of work and dedication to their craft have created the body that they needed to perform at their best.

The same is true for many cheerleaders. Could you scan the crowd at school and pick out the cheerleaders right away? They work hard on the development of the muscles they need as well. Their back, shoulders, upper and lower legs all work together to bring excitement to the crowd and display their school spirit.




Surprisingly, ballerinas and cheerleaders work to strengthen many of the same muscle groups with often very different results. God designed their bodies to stretch and grow the muscles they would need for what lay before them.




He does that even with those of us who are NOT athletes. He puts experiences and circumstances in our lives to stretch us and form us.

Many times, we want to wish away these situations…we pray and ask God to take things away from us…begging for relief and reprieve.

But He has a plan.

He’s leading us through our circumstances to give us the muscles we need.

One day we will need those muscles to comfort a friend who is in a similar situation.

One day we will need those muscles to do the hard things He calls us to do that we don’t think we have the strength to handle.

He has been preparing us all along.

You and I will develop different muscles.

You and I won’t look the same to the world.

But we will be equally equipped to live out God’s calling on our life and flex the muscles we need to serve Him.






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